Dress Code v.s. Uniform

Uniforms: A specific way to dress that all the students must follow. It is all the same, uniforms are easily enforced because someone not in uniform stands out.

Dress Code: This is where the school sets certain parameters and the students can dress how they would like as long as they stay within the parameters. Some dress codes can be very strict and others can be very relaxed. Dress codes can be hard to enforce but it’s not impossible. 

During my time at a charter school the complaint I heard all the time was that they hated having uniforms. I hate to break it to so many of you who believe this, but you weren’t even wearing uniforms, you were just asked to dress within the parameters of the dress code. Also, even if you went to a public or district school, they too have a dress code. The dress code might be more relaxed than the one at the charter school but it is a dress code nonetheless.


My Top 5 Misconceptions about Charter Schools

The title is a little misleading, these are not misconceptions that I personally have had. These are misconceptions that I have been asked, these are the ones that I most frequently see.

  1. Charter Schools have their choice in students.
  • This is not true, charter schools have to abide by the laws of the state. They have open enrollment and are a public school. They may have a limit to the amount of students they let in their school, but they do not get to choose the student. Now after a student has been enrolled they must follow the rules of the school or they may be asked to leave. Other than that, Charter Schools don’t get tot pick and choose their students.
  1.  Isn’t that like a Private School?
  • Everytime I talk to another student about my school their first question is this, isn’t that, like, a Private school or something? NO! Charter schools are publicly funded, no tuition is charged if you attend. Private schools are funded privately, they have wealthy people donating money or most commonly, the kids are charged tuition.
  1.   Charter Schools can Hire whoever they want.
  • This is actually false, yes they can pick which teachers they want to hire. But, the teacher must be certified in that state to teach.
  1.    How is a Charter School Governed?
  • There is a governing Board, this is made up of parents and community members, and any big decisions that will change the school, for example, adding a mascot. The process must include the board’s approval.
  1.   Charter Schools Lack Extracurricular activities
  • Yes, Charter schools may not have all the options that a district school may have. Such as sports and a drama club. This is true, not all charter schools offer sports, they can’t always afford to run them. But students who attend charter schools can try out for sports through schools in their area. No drama club, that is just a school by school thing, some charter schools focus on performing arts, some focus on adventure. When it comes to charter schools, each charter school is unique and should be treated as such.

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is funded, and run by a community, a group of teachers, or parents. Charter schools are held to a higher academic standard than regular public and district schools. Each charter school is unique, they have different kinds of learning models, missions, teachers, and approaches to education. A charter school has more flexibility in its operations than normal public and district schools.